The Spanish Hive community managed to become a trend in Venezuela during last Wednesday, August 19th, in the social network Twitter.
Hive is a chain of open source blocks, forged in years of development to bring Web 3.0 to the world. With a diverse community of stakeholders and no control over bad actors, people can experience true ownership in a chain of blocks and a decentralized cryptomone.

Hive has a thriving Bitcoin Method ecosystem of applications, communities and individuals who are taking advantage of the block chain and decentralized structure of Hive. Yesterday the HiveChat took place, a dynamic activity through Twitter that became a trend in Venezuela.

The questions used in the #Hivechat were related to the platform: What kind of content do you share in Hive? What are your three favorite dApps in Hive? What are your three favorite users in Hive? What are your three reasons for someone to join Hive? How would you like to contribute to the future of Hive Blockchain?

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Hive Decentralized Network
These Hive dynamics are developed in a decentralized network where people give their opinions and share their views on a specific topic without any kind of censorship. Also, people can generate income from their content and also a space where you can be authentic. Without a doubt, Hive has been expanding throughout the world, and Venezuela has not escaped this great boom.

According to some users who participated in this dynamic, the activity was very entertaining. On behalf of Hivelatino, they extended the invitation to talk about various aspects of the digital platform. During the whole process, the support of the Hispanic community was observed. The Hivechat had already been carried out in the English language, so the idea of carrying it out in Spanish was born

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It should be noted that the #Hivechat in Spanish, was carried out in test mode to measure the behavior of the Hispanic community and the result obtained exceeded all expectations. The activity began at 8:00 p.m. in Venezuela; everything was organized in the Hivelatino telegram group with the collaboration of all the active Hivers.

From the Hive platform, they consider that attention should be focused on promoting decentralization in any way possible. The Hispanic Hivers and especially Venezuelans were attentive to the activity by answering questions and sharing with other users.